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Posted: November 17, 2017

Fine motor skills is the exercise of the tiny muscles and movements in our hands and the coordination of our hands and fingers with our eyes - all skills that are important with reading and writing (and much more).  Fine motor skills require a lot of practice and children can often get easily frustrated and discouraged when forced to put pencil to paper before they are truly ready.  Mary-Dale and I make sure that we provide the kiddos with many fun, hands on activities where they can manipulated small objects, like Lego, play-dough, puzzles, and this Geo-board that Silas is playing with - to build those muscles!

Posted: November 17, 2017

Today was an indoor day and some of the kiddos were busy-bees in the block center.  In this clip you can see that the kids added some personal design elements to their structure - pom poms, leaves, and pipe cleaners.  Beautiful.

Posted: November 17, 2017

Climbing trees, building blocks, & "skating" on ice outside.

Posted: November 15, 2017

As we watched the kids run around and play - "come on, warm up the blood" - Mary-Dale and I observed that our forest space doesn't really have 'climbing trees.'  They are thin, with high branches, and the ones we can climb, are old and have fallen, however, shortly afterwards, I caught Ms. Reesey proudly working her way up a cluster of trees.  "Look guys!"

Posted: November 15, 2017

This week mother nature brought us cold and frosty days.  As we made our way to the forest, the kids were quick to notice that the water in our ditch was frozen over and we were gifted with ICE!!!  The kids spent a good chunk of their outdoor time walking, sliding, shimmying, balancing, and yes, falling.  We discussed ice and how to carefully walk across it and how we can use our arms to help us balance.  Lots of gross motor play!.

Posted: November 15, 2017

Remembrance Day!

It's about that time

Posted: November 3, 2017

** Click the above link **

Now that November is here, snow can really happen at any time, so I thought I would share a helpful video of how to dress warm in the winter.  The video is very helpful and the advice easy peasy.

This is gonna be super important in the upcoming weeks - dressing appropriately for winter.

Quick tips:

  • Always waterproof over water resistant - there's a big diff.
  • Waterproof gloves or mittens (mittens preferably, they are not just easier to get on, but actually are warmer due to better air circulation from the heat the kiddos generate).
  • Fleece, wool, or a synthetic material over cotton - cotton will not keep you warm if you get wet or sweat.
  • The best foot insulators are wool socks because they wick the moisture away and a boot that is one size bigger will help keep your kiddos feet warm because the extra wiggle room helps with circulation and moves that heat around. Boots + bulky socks - the wiggle room = frozen ice bricks for feet aka. cold and uncomfortable kids.

Posted: November 3, 2017

Today was our first adventure in the rain and the kiddos had a blast.  Considering it was raining and all the jumping (and sitting) we did in the puddles, we returned inside with only a few minor clothing changes.  This is a reminder to please send a change of clothes to school for your child.  We will be going outdoors rain or shine and fun happens.  

Please include:  pants, underwear, socks, and a shirt.

It is also getting cooler, so if children can arrive or come prepared with a hat, that would be wonderful.

Posted: November 3, 2017

Posted: November 3, 2017

Rain, rain, come our way!  We want to play with you today.  Mother earth was in need of a good rain and we were long over due for some serious puddle jumping.  Today after we reviewed our Adventure rules, we thanked mother earth for the rain and in this video, as the kiddos were enjoying a walk in the ditch, they were mindful to pick up some garbage they spotted.  It brings us great joy to see the students taking care of their forest space and the school grounds.


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