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Posted: February 5, 2024

Valentine's Day preparations are under way!

Today we busted out a batch of puffy paints and "frosted" a delicious 4 tier Valentine's "cake."

Another skating day is here.  Please contact Mrs. Sweezey ASAP to let her know if your kiddo is skating and the name of their helper.  K4 can only participate if they have an on ice helper, that can also skate (no boots on the ice).  Students not participating will stay back.

Posted: February 2, 2024


  1. Abby
  2. Alex
  3. Jaxon
  4. Lena
  5. Michael
  6. Mikey
  7. Parker
  8. Sipu
  9. TJ


  1. Ms. Ky
  2. Mrs. Nicole
  3. Mrs. Sylvia
  4. Mrs. Sweezey
  5. Mrs. Tami

Our classlist will be sent home in student backpacks on Monday.

Posted: February 1, 2024

It's the last week of January and we've already begun Valentine's Day preparations <3

Posted: February 1, 2024

Good afternoon Team K4!

Few important memos for the end of this week.

Tomorrow, Friday, February 2nd is a half-day for students due to the funeral in the afternoon.  Students will be dismissed promptly at 11:45am.

Please check students back pack.  Daily Folders went home today with the monthly newsletter and a notice of important dates to note for the month of February.

Lastly, just wanted to also provide a health update on our classroom.  We have another bug in our room.  This time it seems to be  a respiratory virus, with lots of runny noses and coughing.  Public Health has recently updated the public about the increase in cases of RSV, influenza, and Covid-19 in our province, as well as, cases of Group A Strep, which are all highly contagious.  If your kiddo is unwell and has a new or worsening symptoms, please keep them home.  If your kiddo requires fever reducing meds or for aches and pains, please keep them home, both for the health and wellness of our students and classroom.

Please send your childs Educator a message and/or leave word with the front desk if your kiddo will be absent.  Attendance is not mandatory in K4, however, we like to keep record for data purposes.  As the lead Educator for our classroom, it's also nice to know when students will be absent to plan accordingly for our day, meal times, and to act quick if our room requires sanitizing.  

Thank you,

Mrs. Sweezey

Today's letter of the day is the letter Gg.

As we review our letter of the day, we also always review a few zoo-phonic cards.  The kiddos are picking up the letter sounds quite nicely and we wrapped up the day by colouring our silly hats.  Today we coloured grapes and the kids are getting...

Posted: January 29, 2024

And then this happened.  Every time.

You started out carefully mixing, taking your time, enjoying the process, and then someone wants to know what it feels like, haha.

In the end you have one solid blob, haha.  At least it's a beautiful pink blob.

Posted: January 29, 2024

*Apologies for the duplicate posts, not sure how that happened or why.  Currently waiting for tech support to remove the other two posts.  In the meantime, just ignore them and enjoy the video on this post.  Apologies for the dirty kiddos, but we had a blast this morning.*

Writing & reading isn't just a fine motor skill - it's a whole body workout - from your head to your toes.

1. Visual tracking

2. Core muscles

3. Shoulder muscles

4. Balance

5. Crossing the midline

And the most important of all - JOY.

Part of building strong readers and writers is fostering the joy of doing so, as well as, confidence, the belief that they can, and activities like this also exercises the "I CAN" muscle.

We love messy mornings like these.

Posted: January 26, 2024

"Color Blocked" by Ashley Sorenson

Lots of painting and colour mixing happening in K4.  We love a good mess.  

Click the link in red to be directed to a fun book about mixing colours.

Posted: January 26, 2024

Important Dates



February 6th

Skating - 9:00-9:45am


February 7th

Yellow Shirt Day/Mental Health Awareness.


February 9th

PD for Staff - NO SCHOOL for students.


February 14th

Valentine’s Day


February 19th

Family Day - NO SCHOOL


February 20th

Skating - 9:00-9:45am


February 23rd

Half Day Friday - dismissal at 11:45am


February 26th-1st

Winter Carnival Activities


February 28th

Pink Shirt Day


March 4th-8th



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