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Roman takes us on a tour of our new school the first day it was opened. Check it out at

The Grade 8 class are going to make someone's Easter a good great one! they are fundraising for their end of year trip by selling tickets on an Easter Basket. The basket is valued at over $50.00 dollars and tickets are $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00 and available at the school office or any member of the Grade 8 class. They thank you for your support!

Here is what is happening at Nataoganeg School this week:

Monday, March 30th:Teddy Bear Picnic in the cafeteria

Middle school basketball practice after school at the old school

Girls volleyball practice after school

Tuesday, March 31st:Elementary basketball practice after school

Wednesday, April 1st:Middle School basketball  game at Burnt Church after school

The Nataoganeg Elementary Basketball team played their first game of the season. They travelled to Metepenagiag to play the Warriors. Cameron Ward and Kohen Simonson  led the way as the Eagles won 30-20. It was a great team effort as everyone played equal time and helped the team to its first win. the team is excited as we will soon play the first game at our new school.

Here is what is happening this week at Natoaganeg School:

Monday, March 23rd:School closed due to road conditions

Tuesday,March 24th:Elementary basketball practice after school

Wednesday,March 25th:Natoaganeg Vs Metepenagiag School Elementary Basketball Game 

Girls Volleyball practice after school

Thursday,March 26th:

Friday, March 27th:Popcorn sale, $1.00 a game