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On Friday, February 27th there will be no bus. The bus will not be running all day. A reminder that tomorrow is half a day. 


Here are the standings for the Eel Ground First Nation Winter carnival after Day 4


1. Teachers  19 700

2. Kitpu 16 860

3. Tiam 15 175

4. Lentuk 14.910

5. Wapus    9645

Due to the weather warnings there is no school today at Eel Ground First Nation School. Just a reminder that Thursday is Jersey day for Winter Carnival.

ASD-N Students! Does your teacher have a classroom or subject web page that supports your classroom experience? Are you and your fellow students so proud of your school that you are busting to let others know about it? Have you used technology in your classroom to help you learn? If so then the 2015 ASD-N CUTE Awards are ... <--break- />




Here are the standings after Day 2 of the Eel Ground School Winter Carnival:


1. Kitpu 6500

2. Tiam 5750

3. Lentuk 3500

4. Teachers 3200

5. Wapus 1750


Tomorrow is dress in your favourite decade day and bring a food item for the food bank and receive 100 points for each item!





Standings after day 1 of the Eel Ground School Winter Carnival:

1. Team Tiam 2100

2. Team Kitpu 1650

3. Team Lentuk 1200

4. Team Wapus 1150

5. Team Teachers   650

Remember tomorrow is Mustache Day and skating , points for participating

Also for every donation to the Eel Ground Food Bank you receive 100 points for your team!