Posted: February 18, 2015

Eel Ground First Nation is celebrating Family week this week. There will be various Family activities scheduled daily. Thursday, February 19th: 5:30pm Community Dinner, join at the Band Hall, view video of the history of Eel ground. Great food and prizes.Friday, February 20th: Snow Sculpture Judging in the morning.

Posted: February 18, 2015

Happening This Week at Eel Ground First Nation School:Monday,February 16: No school  winter stormTuesday,February 17th: No school  storm cleanWednesday, February 18th: Basketball practice for Middle SchoolThursday, February 19th: Basketball practice for Elementary SchoolFriday,February 20th:Popcorn sale at recess

Posted: February 17, 2015

No school today at Eel Ground First Nation School

Posted: February 15, 2015

Classes are cancelled for Monday due to the weather

Posted: February 9, 2015

Here is what is happening this week at Eel Ground First Nation School:Monday February 9th:Parks Canada will be speaking to Grades 4-8Guitar lessons, Beading class and Floor hockey after schoolTuesday, February 10th:Skating at the Civic CenterWednesday, February 11th: Basketball practice for the elementary school teamThursday, Fenruary 12th:Valentine's classroom partiesValentine's dance from 4pm to 6pmFriday, February 13th: no school for students

Posted: February 5, 2015

The water line was repaired today so we should be fine for tomorrow. There will be school tomorrow. Reminder roads are not great in Eel Ground so the bus driver tries to pick up students on time but the road conditions make it difficult. If you have a little one waiting for the bus make sure they are out a few minutes before his normal time of arrival and should have an adult keeping watch.

Posted: February 3, 2015

Due to the weather and road conditions, school is cancelled for today

Posted: February 2, 2015

Here's what is happening this week at Eel Ground First Nation School:Monday, February 2nd:Beading classes and floor hockey after schoolbasketball meeting for elementary team after schoolTuesday, February 3rd:Floor hockey after schoolArt class after schoolWednesday, February 4th:Girls Day for Grades 6,7 and 8"Species at Risk" seminar for Grades 3,4 and 5Basketball practice after school for elementary teamThursday, February 5th:Boys Day for Grades 3,4 and 5basketball practice for middle school team after schoolFriday, February 6th:popcorn sale at recess

Posted: January 26, 2015

Here's what is happening this week at Eel Ground First Nation School for the week of January 26th-30th:Monday, January 26th:Skating at the Civic CenterBeading and Guitar lessons after schoolElementary School basketball practice after school todayTuesday, January 27th: Family Literacy Day starting at 1pmWednesday, January 28th:Art Class and Basketball Practice for Elementary team after schoolThursday, January 29th:Basketball Practice for Middle School Team after schoolFriday, January 30th: Popcorn sale at 10:15am and half day 

Posted: January 20, 2015

Here is what is happening at Eel Ground First Nation School this week!Monday, January 19th:Guitar lessons, Beading classes and Floor hockey after schoolTuesday, January 20th Floor hockey after schoolWednesday, January 21st: Elementary Basketball team practice after school, Art class after schoolThursday, January 22nd:Middle School Basketball practice after schoolFriday, January 23rd:  PD Day  no school for students


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