We are doing a Pre-Registration for new students during the weeks of May 26th to June 6th. Parents can come in ad pick up a registration form at this time.

There will be a Summer Literacy Camp help for students in K5 to Grade 1. If interested in having your child attend, please notify the school ASAP.

Due to recent activities with cell phones, the school has decided to prohibit all students from bringing personal electronic devices to school. This includes cell phones, ipods,ipads,gameboy, etc. If a student is caught with one, it will be brought to the office and a parent or guardian will be called to pick it up. 

Eel Ground First Nation School will be planting a school garden again this year. We are doing things differently. We will be using raised beds (boxed gardens). We need volunteers to help maintain it over the summer. If you are interested please call the school at 627-4615. Any help would be appreciated.

Due to the construction going on, we would like to remind parents to make sure that you speak to your children about walking or driving their bicycles to and from school. The roads are busier with heavy trucks driving back and forth so students must be aware of the dangers traveling the roads.


How do I get enough energy to be physically active? Many factors influence our energy level during the day: what we eat, how well and how long we sleep, our stress level, etc. It is important to assess our lifestyle to identify if there is anything that can be changed. If you feel too tired to exercise, reassess you sleeping habits. If you feel you do not have enough time in a day, reassess where you spend your time and evaluate if there is a way to be more efficient. If you feel you have no energy, re-evaluate you eating habits. 
It is also important to remember that being physically active will give you more energy! With time, you will find it easier to exercise and it will become part of your routine. 
Something important to realize is because of our sedentary lifestyles, being physically active is no longer natural for many people: it is something that has to be planned. It is also important to reserve time in your day specifically for physical activity. Find what works best for you. For some people, it is going to be first thing in the morning, for other people it will be last thing at night, for other it will be at lunch time… it all depends on your lifestyle, personality and other commitments you already have. 
Start small and be realistic! If you are not active at all, it might not be realistic to have as a goal to walk 60 minutes daily. Walking 30 minutes, 3 times a week might be more realistic. It might even be to walk 10 minutes, twice a week! You can build up on where you start to get to the recommended 150 minutes of physical activity per week. And,.. the most important thing: have fun!

Here's what is happening this week at Eel Ground First Nation School:

Monday, May 12th:Lunch today is cold plate with roll and cherry crisp

Girls volleyball practice after school

Tuesday, May 13th:Lunch today is chicken, turkey or beef tacos with fruit salad

Art after school with Miss Johnston

Wednesday, May 14th:Lunch today is egg salad sandwiches with potato wedges and fruit yogourt

Eel Ground First Nation School has entered a national contest. Put on by the Assembly of First Nations,it is a video contest showing why your school is cool. Mr. Canistro and several students worked on the project and it can be viewed at the following link: 

Here's what is happening this week at Eel Ground First Nation School:

Monday, May 5th:Lunch today is Clubhouse wrap 

Volleyball practice after school

Tuesday, May 6th:Lunch today is Sweet and Sour Meatballs with brown rice and salad

Art Class with Miss Johnspn after school

Motivational speaker Dwayne Ward will speak at the Band Hall at 4pm , free for all students

Wednesday, May 7th:Lunch today is open faced chicken sandwich with vegetables

Thursday, May 8th:Lunch today is Pasta Bake and Fruit Salad

Drama Practice at the Band Hall after school

Friday, May 9th:Lunch today is Fish Burger with coleslaw

Duck Dynasty Day,dress up in your best camo for one dollar in support of Student Council

Popcorn sale at recess, just one dollar a bag

A special guest is coming to Eel Ground. On Tuesday, May 6th Dwayne Ward will be speaking at the Eel Ground Band Hall. He has spoken all over the Maritimes, Quebec and Boston about Addictions, Abuse, Bullying, Spirituality and Respect.  Mr Wade has worked security for such stars as Fred Durst of the band Limp Bizkit, Chuck Iceman Liddell and Frank Mir. He also worked as a Youth Intervention Worker and owns The Vault MMA Club in Campbellton.  Students in Grades 5-12 are encopuraged to attend and there will be pizza, refreshments and door prizes.

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