Here's what's happening this week at Eel Ground First Nation School:

Monday, December 9th: Half day due to a funeral in the community. 

Tuesday, December 10th:Lunch will be sShepherd's pie with Mandarin Spinach Salad

Wednesday, December 11th:Lunch will be Tuna Melt on a Kaiser roll with Sliced Veggies

   Drama for girls

Thursday, December 12th:Lunch with Graydon Nicholas, New Brunswicks Governor General

Due to a funeral in the community, there will be no school in the afternoon for students today, Monday, December 9th. They will be dismissed at 12:00pm.

We have now started our second term of the year. Each class will again earn there feathers for a new pizza party. Congratulations to Abigail Stewart and Summer Langyon for winning the Tim's Card to treat their parents at Tim Hortons in appreciation for getting them to school on time.

We would like to congratulate the following students for achieving Perfect Attendancefor the month of November:

Kindergarten: Shayna Ginnish, Abigail Stewart, Ian Ginnish,Serenity Ward,Hayden Cloud

Grade 1 and 2: Preston Francis  and Kaido Simonson

Grade 3 and 4: Kohen Simonson, Samuel Simon, Rodney Hanifan, Kaitlyn Hamilton Ward, Cameron Ward, Piel Ward

Grade 5 and 6: Hanna Gould, Summer Langton, Sage Simon,Thomas Langton, Shauntay Ward

Here are important dates for the holiday season:

Dec 12th- Christmas Dance 4:00pm to 6:00pm

Dec 13th- Christmas Cookie Sale, $1.00 each

Dec 16th- Christmas Concert at 1:00pm

        Dec 17th- Skating at 8:45am

Dec 18th-Last Day Before Christmas Break,half day school dismissed at 11:45am

Jan 7th-First day back after Christmas Break

 Monday, December 2nd:Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup with Roll and Orange Wedges

      Beading Class after school

Tuesday,December 3rd: Meat Loaf and Mashed Potatoes with Veggies 

Wednesday, December 4th: Chicken or Tuna Wrap with Sweet Potatoes Fries and an Apple 

  Drama for girls after school

The Grade 8 boys have recently started an after school cooking program called CHEFS!They meet every Thursday at the Band Hall. They will learn kitchen safety and various cooking skills. This month we will be making pizza with Chef Chris and making Gingerbread cookies to sell on December 13th.

Energy Drinks and Sport Drinks

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