Posted: October 16, 2006

The Grade 8 students left this morning for the Mikmaq Maliseet Annual Health Conference in Dartmouth, NS. The students will be presenting a blacklight production and the "People vs Mary Moses" DVD in the City Ballroom, Holiday Inn, Dartmouth at 7:00PM.

Posted: October 16, 2006

In 2005, the Eel Ground Grade 7 and 8 students produced a flash animation as part of a video project for the First Nations On-Reserve Housing Liason Committee. The animation was called 'The Mold Man' and focused on indoor air quality. Tonight the animation will be featured on The Link, a new program on APTN. The program airs at 5:30PM.

Posted: October 15, 2006

On Thursday October 5th, the grade 8 students presented the 'People vs Mary Moses' DVD at The Healing Journey: Family Violence Prevention in Aboriginal Communities conference. The students got a chance to meet Susan Aglukark at the conference.On Tuesday October 17th, students will be traveling to Dartmouth, NS to present the DVD and parts of the play at the Mikmaq Maliseet Annual Health Conference. Students are excited to see Francis Perry again, who will be attending the conference.

Posted: October 12, 2006

Fire Prevention Week in Canada was held from October 8th to the 14th. On October 12th, local firefighters visited the Eel Ground School to speak to our students. One of the first digital videos ever produced at the Eel Ground School was a Fire Safety Video. The video was done by Mrs. Ward's Grade 1 and 2 class in 2001. (Can you recognize any of the voices?)

Posted: October 5, 2006

Eel Ground School has recently learned that several of our video projects that we have done over the past few years will be featured on a new program on APTN called The Link. The Link is a new show that focuses on Aboriginal Youth.

Posted: October 2, 2006

The Eel Ground Podcast Club has produced the first podcast of the year.Visit the Eel Ground School Podcast Blog to listen to the latest broadcast. Hosted by Ryan, the podcast gets us up to speed on what has been happening at the Eel Ground School over the first month of school.

Posted: October 1, 2006

Last week students at the Eel Ground School went on a couple of field trips. On Thursday, the kindergarten students visited a pumpkin patch and on Friday students from kindergarten to grade 2 visited McAllister's Farm, an apple orchard in Bryenton.

Posted: September 23, 2006

Last week the Eel Ground School had the pleasure of welcoming Marilyn Simon-Ingram, an Aboriginal Park Interpreter at Kouchibouguac National Park. Marilyn spoke to the students about wildlife and vegatation that can be found at Kouchibouguac from a very unique perspective. She talked about how the Mi'kmaq people used these animals and plants in the past and how important Mother Earth is to the Mi'kmaq People.

Posted: September 12, 2006

It's the second week of school and the teachers and students are busy.The kindergarten class have been introduced to their activity centers; water, painting, sand, blocks, and kitchen. They will start a unit on apples soon. The grade ones are learning to count forward and backwards and by 5s and 10s. The grade 2 class is starting a unit on migration. The grade 3 and 4 students have completed a cool art project. Grade 5 and 6 students are learning about New Brunswick geography. The grade 7 and 8 students are reading novels. Phew...

Posted: June 27, 2006

At the end of the year, students in Mrs. Ward's grade 1 and 2 class completed a butterfly project in which they raised then released butterflies. Students learned about the butterfly lifecycle through first-hand observation.


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