K4 2017-2018

Posted: August 14, 2017

Hello Families,

Just thought I would pop in with a quick note about the upcoming school year.  I am attaching a PDF document called "About Our Classroom" to my teacher page that briefly explains a few important parts of our classroom this year.  

A couple important notes about this upcoming school year is:

  • School day will run from 8:30-2:00, Monday to Friday.  Arrival begins at 8:15 and dismissal is promptly at 2:00.
  • Outdoor classroom - beginning the last week of September we will start venturing outdoors more.  Please dress children appropriately and please, please, please, please!!! pack an extra set of clothing for your child that can be stored in the classroom as we will be going outside, rain or shine.

Families are also strongly encouraged to drop in at the school the week of August 28th to pick up and fill out the K4 registration forms.  We would like to confirm the numbers and names of students enrolling in the K4 program this school year.  If you can not come to the school for your registration form, please contact the front desk and cofirm your child's enrollment with our lovely Secretary, Lana, or our Admin, Lacey.  Please be sure to confirm the correct spelling of your child's name and their birth date.  You can also email me your information at Alisha.sweezey@nbed.nb.ca

Apologies for the bossiness, however, as I transition from summer vacation to back to school mode, I am currently in the print-cut-laminate-and-label-all-the-things zone and I would love to have everything your student will need in our classroom ready and waiting for them :)

Thank you and enjoy the sun,

Mrs. Sweezey


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