Math Notes



Posted: November 9, 2017

Dear Parents, Gaurdiens and Students,

Every Tuesday and Thursday in my office area I will be allowing students to stay after school to get extra help in Math. I can help them prepare for test, do homework together or just get extra practice on class material. 

Please inform me if you want your child to stay on both or one night a week to particpate in this. 

Would love to see more poeple come in and join the group I already have started. 



Ms. Manuel 

(Numeracy Lead) 

Posted: September 11, 2017

Welcome back!!! 

This week all our students have been set back up with their Mathletics username and password. 

We really want to encourage parents to get them practicing at home on this site as well. It is very user friendly and a great way for you to sit with your child, play math games or do a challenge with them. It's great practice for them at home to keep up on their class skills needed for their grade level.

Please get them to show you around the site and have some fun together!


Ms. Manuel 

(Numeracy Lead)