It's about that time

Posted: November 3, 2017

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Now that November is here, snow can really happen at any time, so I thought I would share a helpful video of how to dress warm in the winter.  The video is very helpful and the advice easy peasy.

This is gonna be super important in the upcoming weeks - dressing appropriately for winter.

Quick tips:

  • Always waterproof over water resistant - there's a big diff.
  • Waterproof gloves or mittens (mittens preferably, they are not just easier to get on, but actually are warmer due to better air circulation from the heat the kiddos generate).
  • Fleece, wool, or a synthetic material over cotton - cotton will not keep you warm if you get wet or sweat.
  • The best foot insulators are wool socks because they wick the moisture away and a boot that is one size bigger will help keep your kiddos feet warm because the extra wiggle room helps with circulation and moves that heat around. Boots + bulky socks - the wiggle room = frozen ice bricks for feet aka. cold and uncomfortable kids.