What goes up, must come down

Posted: March 26, 2018

It has been a blast watching the kids play this winter.  When we broke out the slides a number of weeks ago, the learning curve was actually pretty steep for the kiddos.  Figuring out how to get the slide to the top of the hill, hold it in place, balance, and then safely fly down the hill, waiting ones turn, and moving out of the way for the next slider - took a lot of work and time.  The kids had their moments of tears and frustrations.  The slide often got away on them before they were able to hop on, but they persevered, and they are sliding superstars! 

In this video we see Weston finally, after a very long winter, take his first ride on the blue saucer.  Weston is a great observer and after watching his classmates navigate the snow hill and learn how to safely slide, he was ready to give it ago himself.  Watch as he positions the slide just right, using his upper body and core strength to hold it in place and balance at the top of the hill until he's ready to let go.  So much happening here and we are super proud of you buddy!