"We're making a purple stew . . ."

Posted: January 19, 2020

I have spoken about the importance of proper gear and emphasized preparedness because appropriate clothing really is one of the most important items/topics a forest and nature school student needs to be safe and comfortable when outdoors.  Ultimately this means staying dry and warm throughout daily activities, however, even with all the right gear, children can still get cold, and a cold child, is a whiney child.  It happens to the best of us and while there are a number of ways to keep warm, one tip that I find most effective is to KEEP. MOVING.

Movement is a natural language in most preschool bodies and for the most part is strongly encouraged in our classroom - indoors and out.

When we move our bodies, we generate energy, which creates heat that gets trapped under our gear and helps us feel warm.  This is easier said than done and most little ones, even our busiest and wiggliest, may struggle because they have a hard time moving around all bundled up, which then tires them out.  When the children start standing around, it's only a matter of time before they start feeling cold.

In this video, we got ourselves moving by singing one of our favourite GoNoodle songs, Purple Stew.