Weeeeee :)

Posted: September 15, 2019

During these last couple weeks, we have spent a lot of time running, climbing, spinning, swinging, sliding, and getting messy on the playground.  In K4, we aim to get outside for approximately 3 hours a day because there is no better way to develop and strengthen our fine motor and gross motor skills than time spent outdoors.  Mother Earth engages all of our senses and playing outside is an amazing sensory experience.  To some, it may seem like these kiddos are just "playing" and "having fun," but I see resilence being built, excess energy being burned, muscles growing, new skills being mastered, immune systems being boosted, body awareness, balance, and coordination strengthening, self-regulation, and imaginations running wild. 

In this clip, here's our buddy Storm working hard to go down the slide.  This is his second day going down the slide and he's already becoming a pro.  Well done Storm!