Rolling, rolling, rolling

Posted: September 15, 2019

Whew, what a busy couple weeks!  As we enter into our third week of school, I just wanted to quickly share what we've been up to, to date.  The kids are getting on great and everyone is settling in beautifully.  The first few weeks of school are always about connecting/reconnecting, learning school/classroom rules, routines, and procedures, but, and this is most important, having a lot of fun.  Starting school can be scary and stressful for little ones, so to make the transition and the start of school joyful, we've been busy "cooking" up a storm, building amazing Lego creations, going on adventures in the woods, puddle jumping, playing with magic play-dough, reading some classroom favourites, learning our Zoo-phonics, smudging every morning, exploring water colour paints, and playing in the rain.

It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know this new group of students, we've learned so much about each other, and us educators are super excited to see whats to come this school year.

Let's keep rolling kiddos, there's so much more to come <3