It's moose season

Posted: October 25, 2019

Something amazing happened today and I’m so happy because it’s an experience I have been wanting to share with my students for years and today was that day.

This morning the children got to witness their first moose skinning. Mrs. Larry gave me the heads up and when Ernie arrives home, the children and the educators walked across the street, and we watched Ernie hard at work cutting and cleaning his moose.

I did brief the children the best I could a head of time, however, I don’t think they fully realized what I meant until we were finally standing in front of the moose hanging there. Some were a little nervous and scared, but for the most part they were very curious and got to see the moose up close and touch it’s antlers, nose, and feet.

After our visit we paused for a moment on the grass to make our first tobacco offering before heading off into the forest for a short visit.

I’m so proud of our class for being brave and on their best behaviour during our little visit.

We were also able to cross off another Zero-waste challenge off our list as we walked over to Mrs. Larry’s home.

Great job K4