Getting outside

Posted: January 18, 2018

Two weeks into the new school year and Team K4 is on a roll.  The weather has brought us a lot of snow, cold temperatures, rain, and ice, none of it is holding us back.  Thanks to Anthony Francis, the children have been climbing the snow mountains in the school yard, but most importantly, thank you to our Mother Earth for bringing the snow!  So much gross motor fun happening these days.  In this video, just a few days after our most recent blizzard, the children try to explore their forest space.  It has changed a lot and all the snow has made the familar grounds difficult, yet still fun, to navigate.  Some areas were easy to walk on, while others collapsed beneath your feet.  The children enjoyed the afternoon, jumping, climbing, wiggling, crawling, sticking and unsticking themselves from natures snowy grasps.