Becoming strong writers

Posted: January 19, 2020

See a pencil, pick-up the pencil, hold the pencil, then move the pencil - that's all writing is right?  Easy peesy?  Well, not so much.  There is a whole bunch of skills and steps leading up and inbetween that need to be considered and one big suggestion I can provide is to first - cut your preschooler a break.  Writing is hard work, especially if your expectations are not in line with where your kiddo is at developmentally.

In preschool, my main focus is on what early year education calls, "readiness" skills, and in this case, were talking about "pre-writing skills."  In K4, I see everything!  I'm constantly observing and taking note of the children, their interests, and progress, and using that info to challenge them. 

"Writing" at this age is great and does happen, some can write their names or make letters, but writing should not just be seen as a means to an end.  It's the journey baby and any form of "mark making" is acceptable, encouraged, and praised.  You may see scribbles or a messy colourer, but us educators see the beginnings of the next big deal.

Writing isn't just something we do with our hands - it's a whole body experience - we do it with our mind, heart, and with a core of steal.  It's all connected and so in K4, before we "write," we must climb and winter play provides the perfect conditions and whole body workout needed to strengthen our littlest scholars. 

Balance and coordination ---> hand-eye coordination ---> body awareness ---> muscular strength & endurance ---> postural control ---> etc.

With that said, encourage play, get those kiddos outside, and they'll be writing those manifestos before you know it. 

But first, lets give them something to write about.