Posted: November 18, 2015

Just a reminder tomorrow(Thursday) is Parent Teacher Day at Natoaganeg School. Parents are encouraged to come to the school to receive their child's report card and can talk to their child's teachers.On Friday we will have author Joseph Brunchac visit our school. This will be a great chance to meet this author and hear the stories behind his book.It is also New Brunswick Jersey Day. Students and staff are encouraged to wear their favourite jersey to school. Leaf jersey's will earn you extra points!

Posted: November 16, 2015

Happenings this week at Natoaganeg School:Monday, November 16th:Boys On the Run after school    Sign up for basketball Tuesday, November 17th:Skating at the Civic Center Grades 5-8Wednesday, November 18th:Basketball Practice after schoolThursday,November 19th:Parent Teacher Day no school for studentsFriday, November 20th: Author Joseph Brunchac                                    Popcorn sale just one dollar a bag

Posted: November 12, 2015

Girls in Grades 3 to 5 who want to get an early start to the basketball season, are invited to come out to the Miramichi Hoops practice tonight(Thursday),The practice takes place at the Natoaganeg School Gym from 6:00[pm to 7:45pm. Cost is just $3.00. Come out and work on your skills and have some fun,

Posted: November 1, 2015

Here is what is happening at Natoaganeg School this week:Monday, November 2nd:drama practice all acts after schoolTuesday, November 3rd:drama practice all actsafter schoolWednesday,November 4th:Thursday,November 5th:drama practice all acts after schoolFriday, November 6th:popcorn sale just one dollar a bag

Posted: October 30, 2015

Come visit our school's Haunted House taking place today from 3:00pm to 4:00pm. Our Middle School students have made a halloween treat that will definitely scare up the ghosts and goblins. Admission is just a donation at the door and all proceeds go to school activities.See you there if you dare!

Posted: October 25, 2015

Here is what is Happening at Natoaganeg School:Monday, Ovctober 23rd: Drama Practice acts 1-4Tuesday, October 24th: Drama Practice Acts 1-6Wednesday, October 25th: Middle School Cross Country at NelsonThursday, October 26th: Halloween School Dance 4pm-6pmFriday, October 27th: Half day Haunted House Popcorn sale just one dollar a bag

Posted: October 19, 2015

Here is what is happening at Natoaganeg School this week:Monday, October 19th: Drama Practice  Acts 1-6Tuesday, October 20th: Picture Day     Soccer Jambouree at NSEEWednesday, October 21st: Cross Country  Middle School Meet at Strawberry Marsh Drama practice  acts 4-6Thursday, October 22nd: Drama Practice Acts 1-6Fridy, October 23rd:Popcorn sale just one dollar a bag

Posted: October 13, 2015

Here is what is happening at Natoaganeg School this week:Tuesday, October 13th: Drama Practice after schoolWednesday, October 14th:Cross Country  Elementary at Blackville, Middle School at Dr LosierThursday, October 15th:Drama Practice after school Soccer: Blackville 2 at NatoaganegFriday, October 16th: Popcorn sale just one dollar a bag

Posted: October 6, 2015

Happenings this week at Nataoganeg School:Monday: October 5th: cross country at NSEETuesday, October 6th: Elementary Soccer  Ian Baillee at NatoaganegWednesday, October 7th: Eel Ground Got Talent at 5pmCross Country elementary at Croft , Middle School at NelsonThursday,October 8th:Closed for PD DayFriday,October 9th: closed for PD Day

Posted: October 1, 2015

The NSEE Cross Country meet that was to be held today is postponed and will be rescheduled for Monday October 5th at 4:00pm


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