Wapikoni- Cinema on Wheels

On Friday, Oct.6 2017 Grade 5- 8 students will remain at school at 2:30pm to watch the Wapikoni- Cinema on Wheels. The cinema on wheels is approximately 45 minutes long. There will be no bus to transport students home, parents are responsible to arrange drives.

About Wapikoni - Cinema on Wheels

"As part of Wapikoni Mobile’s first-ever coast-to-coast tour, Wapikoni: Cinema on Wheels will be stopping in various cities and communities across the country from April to November 2017 to bring a selection of incredible short films with compelling stories and incredible visuals directed by Indigenous youth from Eastern Canada to urban areas and remote communities. The Wapikoni, Cinema on Wheels tour is part of "Wapikoni From Coast to Coast: Reconciliation Through the Media Arts", a project under the patronage of the Canadian Commission for UNESCO and supported by the Government of Canada."

"Cinema on Wheels offers three distinct programmes of shorts films that were selected in prestigious film festivals such as Sundance, the Toronto International Film Festival, the Montreal International Documentary Festival, the Cannes Film Market, etc.: the general public (14 shorts), the teen (10 shorts) and the youth 7-12 (8 shorts) programmes. Witness the flowering of a new generation of talented young Indigenous filmmakers, learn about other cultures and participate in a discussion about Indigenous films and realities with the projectionists-facilitators. The choice of these works, with their unique stories, is aimed at discovering dynamic Indigenous voices and incredible talents coming straight from the communities."


Fri, Oct 6/17 2:45 pm to 3:30 pm